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Fiji - $7 Rugby Sevens Rio de Janeiro Olympics Gold Medal 2016 Commemorative in Folder

This is a banknote with an unusual face value of F$7 issued to commemorate Fiji's first Olympic gold medal victory in the Men's Rugby Sevens in Rio de Janeiro XXXl Olympics in 2016. Fiji won the gold medal by beating Great Britain in the final with a score of 43-7. This is a tremendous achievement for a tiny nation with a small population of just under 900,000 (2015 figure). The Fijian team players comprises of Apisai Domolailai, Jasa Veremalua, Jerry Tuwai, Josua Tuisova, Kitione Taliga, Leone Nakarawa, Masivesi Dakuwaqa, Osea Kolinisau (Captain), Samisoni Viriviri, Savenaca Rawaca, Samisoni Viriviri, Vatemo Ravouvou and Viliame Mata. Rugby game is a very popular sport in the country. This is a very special achievement in the country's sporting history as this is the first time the country has ever won a medal (in any colours) in its Summer and Winter Olympics games combined since they first participated in 1956 Melbourne Olympics. Having won gold made this even more special to the Fijian people. The note was launched on 20.04.2017 by Prime Minister Josaia Vorege (Frank) Bainimarama and released through bank branches on 21.04.2017 for circulation. A total of 2.0 million pieces printed with normal prefix of AU (gold). In addition to this, the Reserve Bank of Fiji also minted one million 50-cent coins with the image of England-born Ben Ryan, who coached Fiji to its first Olympic gold medal, on one side, and Fiji players hoisting the Olympic trophy on the other.

Not many people get to have a banknote issued in his/her honour and achievement!!

Features of the banknote
Governor: Barry Whiteside
Printer; Oberthur Fiduciaire (France). Royal Canadian Mint for the 50 cents coin
Quantity: Banknote 2.0M pieces; Coin 1.0M pieces
Colour; Predominately blue

Obverse - Fijian flag, Vertically oriented. Team captain and flag bearer Osea Kolinisau running/charging with a rugby ball in his left hand. The team coach, English born Ben Ryan sitting on the Sigatoka Sand Dunes in pensive thought mode. Fijian Coat of Arms. Year date 2016 in gold colour.

Reverse - Fiji Rugby 7s Gold Olympians team with the Prime Minister Hon. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and team officials celebrating the win. Bainimarama is also the President of the Fiji Rugby Union.

Seven Dollars
Dated 2016(2017), P120
Seven Dollars (AZ Replacement note)
2017, P120r
Front Folder Cover
Back Folder Cover
Comment: This is a folder note. Issue price F$30 each.

Note: The Rugby Sevens is a very popular sport in the Oceania region. Between 1976 to 2016, Fiji has won the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens tournament most with 16 times, followed by New Zealand with 11 times.

Samoa - 2017 Reprints Full set with ZZ replacement Prefix

A complete set of reprints from 5 Tala to 100 Tala (paper and Hybrid notes). This series was first released in 2008 with reprints in 2012 for all denominations except for the 10 Tala note. These ND2017 notes were released on 30th and 31st of May, in time for Samoa's Independence Day celebration on 1st of June. Actual Independence Day is on 1st of January but celebration is always in June. Samoa (previously known as Western Samoa until July 1997) was ruled by the New Zealand government between 1914 to 1962. Independence was granted on 24.11.1961 under the Western Samoa Act 1961, with Independence Day effective on 01.01.1962.

The design for all notes here are the same as those previously issued except that they all have new signatures. The set posted here all have replacement prefix of ZZ.

Governor - Ms Maiava Atalina Ainuu Taisi II Enari (appointed August 2011)
Minister of Finance - Mr Sili Epa Tuioti (since March 2016)

Five Tala
ND2017, P38cr
Ten Tala
ND2017, P39br
Twenty Tala
ND2017, P40cr
Fifty Tala
ND2017, P41cr Hybrid
One Hundred Tala
ND2017, P43br

Papua New Guinea - 2014 Issues

Papua New Guinea 2014 reprint. Three notes reported with ND2014 issued, with values of 2, 20 and 100 Kina.

Two Kina
ND2014, P28d
Twenty Kina
ND2014, P31c
One Hundred Kina (Missing)