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Papua New Guinea - 1975 Sir Henry ToRobert & Sir Mekere Moruata, s.1

Papua Niu Gini
Papua New Guinea
Bank of Papua New Guinea

Signatures  - Sir Henry ToRobert & Sir Mekere Moruata.

This is the first 2 Kina banknote issued by the Bank of Papua New Guinea in 1975 since gaining independence from Australia. A complete set comprises of 3 notes. The other missing notes are 5 and 10 Kina.

Since 30/06/2013, all Kina paper banknotes are no longer legal tender.

Two Kina
ND1975, P1

Vanuatu - Hand Signed Notes Matching Seria Nos Complete Set 2010 - 2017

Ripablik blong Vanuatu
Republic of Vanuatu
République de Vanuatu

I have recently acquired the last two of the Hand Signed notes of 500 and 5000 vatu and here I have updated a complete set of the notes with matching serial numbers, first issued in 2010. In 2010, Vanuatu commenced releasing a new series of polymer banknote replacing the paper banknotes series with the first denomination of the 10000 vatu, the highest value ever issued. Vanuatu first issued it's own currency in 1982. It is believed that the 10000 vatu polymer note issued in 2010 was for the celebration of the nation's 30th Year of Independence (1980-2010). However this note was not printed with any commemorative logo or any text to celebrate the occasion. For this special occasion, the central bank issued the first 100 sets with serial 000001 to 000100 all personally hand signed by the then Bank Governor and Minister of Finance, Odo Tevi and Sela Molisa respectively.

Since then the bank retained this unique tradition for the remaining series by issuing the first 100 sets for the remaining series released in 2014 and 2017, all personally signed by the Governor and the Minister of Finance. As these are specially issued for souvenir purposes, they are all issued in a folder at a premium. Below are some of the unique features; -

1) Obviously no two signatures are of the same;
2) The colours of the pens/inks used for the signatures are not the same as those printed for normal circulation;
3) The fonts for the serial numbers for the notes are not all the same as these series were printed by two difference imprinters;
4) Traditionally all signatures are printed/signed above their respective job titles for both paper and polymer notes. However, the last two values, 500 and 5000 vatu (ND2017), the hand signed notes that I have are all signed below their respective titles. I wonder who made the mistake first, the Governor or the Minister of Finance or was it deliberately signed this way? Oooopsie!! I am also wondering if all the 100 pieces for the 500 and 5000 vatu are signed this way too? If not, would you consider them as error? If so, then you can really classify these last two notes as "human error". See image below for the 5000 vatu note.
signing errors
Whilst the issues were only meant for 100 sets, it is not sure why the bank released more than 100 sets for the 2000 vatu note. However unlike the first 100 sets, these additional sets were issued with a much higher serial numbers range and are not from the first AA prefix prints.

Below, I have uploaded a full set from 200 to 10000 vatu all with matching serial nos;
AA10 000010 - 10,000 vatu (NPA);
AA14 000010 - 200, 1000 & 2000 vatu (Oberthur Fiduciaire, France); and
AA17 000010 - 500 & 5000 vatu (NPA).
L to R - 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 & 10000 vatu
As Vanuatu first polymer series are printed by NPA and Oberthur Fiduciare, we are not sure if any replacement prefix has been printed, especially for those printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire (200, 1000 & 2000 vatu). It is unlikely that you will find any for those printed by NPA. So far, non has been reported yet.
Ten Thousand Vatu (30th Year of Independence Commemorative)
ND2010, P16. s. Odo Tevi & Sela Molisa

Folder Front Cover
Folder inside
Two Hundred Vatu
ND2014, P12, s Semion Malachi Athy & Maki Stanley Simelum

Folder Front Cover
One Thousand Vatu
ND2014, P13, s Semion Malachi Athy & Maki Stanley Simelum

Folder Front Cover
Two Thousand Vatu
ND2014, P14, s Semion Malachi Athy & Maki Stanley Simelum

Folder Front Cover
Five Hundred Vatu
ND2017, P18, s Semion Malachi Athy & Gaetan Pikioune
Folder Front Cover
Five Thousand Vatu
ND2017, P19, s Semion Malachi Athy & Gaetan Pikioune
Folder Front Cover
If you have any of these hand signed notes, please feel free to let me know by posting your comment below.

Solomon Islands - $5 ND2017 X/1

Solomon Islands

This could be the last $5 print for the 2004-2011 series. The note bears the signature of the current Bank Governor, Denton Hehenoro Rarawa. Since 2013, Solomon Islands has issued a new series with denominations from $10 to $100. The next $5 note will have a new design, which is expected to be issued in the first half of 2019. It is believed that this note posted here was issued in 2017.

Governor - Denton Hehenoro Rarawa
Secretary, Minister of Finance - Harry Kuma

Five Dollars
ND2017, Replacement prefix

Solomon Islands - $40 Independence Commemoartive 1978 - 2018

Solomon Islands

Theme "redirecting our journey at 40"
Independence Day 7th of July

Solomon Islands celebrated it's 40th Independence on 07.07.2018 from the British and issued a banknote of $40 to commemorate this special occasion. The British controlled Solomon Islands since June 1893. In 1976, self-government was granted and in 1978 it became a fully independent nation.

This commemorative note was launched on 05.07.2018 by the Central Bank Governor, Denton Rarawa. Apart from this commemorative note, it also issued a new $2 coloured coin to commemorate this special occasion.

This new note is designed and printed on polymer substrate material by De La Rue. It is believed that only 100,000 pieces printed with 20,000 pieces reserved for overseas collectors (one media had reported that 140,000 pieces were printed - Australia ABC news). Whilst this note is a collector's item, it is also legal tender for all payments for goods and services in the country. The coloured coins are minted by the Royal Australian Mint (RAM).

This is the second time that Solomon Islands has issued a polymer banknote. In 2001, a $2 commemorative note was issued for the Central Bank of Solomon Islands's Silver Jubilee celebration.

Unlike the current circulating series, this commemorative note has a vertical front design and a  horizontal format on the back. The main design on the front showing a man blowing a conch shell to summon people to come together for an importance event or meeting. The conch shell is/was a traditional instrument of communication in Solomon Islands. The map of Solomon Islands is also included in the design. The large number "40" is also printed on both sides of the note. The design on the back showing large national flag of Solomon Islands, two young girls on a boat, a man standing on a boat, a man diving in the coral reef; and a glowing sea turtle (Hawksbill) swimming.The note is also printed with the following texts;-


All notes are printed with the prefix of SI/40 with X/1 as replacement notes. The signatures are Denton Hehenoro Rarawa (Governor) and Harry Kuma (Secretary, Ministry of Finance).

This new $40 is also sold in a folder. It was reported that only 100 folders were issued and all sold out.The folder was sold at S$75 each without the banknote.

Forty Dollars
Dated 2018
Reverse - Normal Prefix

Reverse - Replacement Prefix X/1 000080
Reverse - Replacement Prefix X/1 000123
Borrowed scan - Folder Front Cover
In addition to the above, uncut sheets of 20-in-1 and 25-in-1 were also printed and all sold out. I have a feeling that these uncut sheets were issued for special orders/requests, and perhaps all sold to collectors/dealers in Europe.

I believe this is the 3rd note issued for the celebrating of a nation's 40th Independence with a face value of 40.
- Bangladesh 2011: 40 Taka celebrating the nation's 40th Year of Victory Anniversary against Pakistan rule, which is the same as independence from Pakistan rule;
- Djibouti 2017: 40 Francs commemorative it's independence celebration from France.