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Banknotes in the Pacific Region

For those collectors who are not familiar with the Pacific region, not all independence countries or dependencies nations issued their own currency. Below are the list of nations (apart from Australia and New Zealand) and their own currency (banknotes) in circulation; -

American Samoa – US Dollar;
Christmas Island – Australian Dollar;
Cook Islands – NZ Dollar (used to be Cook Islands Dollar);
Easter Island – Chilean Pesos;
Fiji – Fijian Dollar;
French Polynesia – French Pacific Francs;
Kiribati – Australian Dollar;
Marshall Islands – US Dollar;
Micronesia – US Dollar;
Nauru – Australian Dollar;
New Caledonia – French Pacific Francs;
Niue – NZ Dollar;
Norfolk Island – Australian Dollar;
Northern Marianas – US Dollar;
Palau – US Dollar;
Papua New Guinea – Kina;
Pitcairn and Ducie – NZ Dollar;
Samoa – Tala;
Solomon Islands – Solomon Islands Dollars;
Tahiti – French Pacific Francs;
Tokelau – NZ Dollar;
Tonga – Pa’anga;
Tuvalu – Australian Dollar;
Wallis and Futuna – French Pacific Francs;
Vanuatu – Vatu.

The following so called banknotes issued by private individual or entities which have no legal tender value whatsoever. These so called banknotes or currencies are not recognized by any governments or commercial banks around the world; -

Chatham Islands – Three sets of notes issued between 1999 and 2000. To me, these are just monopoly money. A statement was issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand back then confirming that these so called Chatham Islands currency have no legal tendering status in New Zealand.

Antarctica – These notes are issued by private individual or entity for the purpose of raising funds to finance scientific research in the Antarctica. These notes are issued at par value with the US Dollar and usually come with a 'used by date'.

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