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Australia - $20 Centenary of Lawrence Hargrave, Premium & Deluxe

Twenty Dollars
Commemorative 1994 Centenary of Lawrence Hargrave
Governor - Bernie Fraser
Treasury - Ted EvansBlack Overprint #4369
Twenty Dollars
Red Overprint #0153
Lawrence Hargrave (1850-1915) came from England to Australia as a young man. In 19883, he gave up paid employment to concentrate on his experiences with flight.

His experiments led him to work on box kites and on 12 November 1894 at Stanwell Park, New South Wales, he succeeded in lifting himself from the ground with four box kites attached on the ground by piano wire.

Hargrave made great contributions to aeronautical history. his inventions were vital to the success of manned powered flight. He became famous throughout the world or early aviation because of the large number of scientific papers he wrote.

Not only did Hargrave make major breakthroughs in the physics of flight, he invented the rotary engine which has to be the basic for powered aircraft.

Despite all of Hargrave's significant contributions, it is for his experiments with box kites that he will be remembered.

Note: Issue Price Black Serial Number $95.00
Issue Price Red Serial Number $175.00

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