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Australia 1993 Portfolio Paper and Polymer Issue

1993 Portfolio Folder Paper and Polymer Notes with Matching Red Serial Numbers
1,000 Sets Issued
Ten Dollars (Paper)
ND1991, PNL
 Ten Dollars (Polymer)
Dated 1 November 1993, PNL
 Folder Front Cover
Folder Front Cover
This is the first of the limited issued edition of the 1993 Portfolio set to commemorate the release of Australia first $10 polymer note. The hard cover folder comprises of 2 notes, one paper from the last print (1991) and the first issue of the polymer $10 note. The different between this issue and all other issues is that both notes have matching red serial numbers and also this is the only $10 paper note ever printed with 2-letter prefix and is in red colour. All previous paper notes were printed with 3-letter prefix. The polymer note for this issue is also printed with the first day of release of the $10 note - 1 November 1993. As this is a very limited issue, only 900 folders were offered to the public at $295 per set. Despite low mintage, this issue is neither rare or scarce and still plenty around. You will find of them selling, you might even get them below issue price in most cases.

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