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Australia - $50 Howard Florey Commemorative Premium Folder (Red Serial Number)

Commemorative Folder Celebrating Howard Florey's 50th Years of Winning The Nobel Prize
Premium Red Serial Number Note, Issued 7.9.1995
Fifty Dollars
ND1995, PNL
 Pane of Stamps $2.50 x 10 of Howard Florey
 Hard Folder Front Cover

This is a $50 Banknote and stamps joint venture with NPA and Australia Post to commemorate 50 years of since Howard Florey was awarded the Nobel Price for his contributions to medical science.

Lord Howard Florey (1898-1968) was one of Australia’s most eminent medical scientists. He gained prominence when he became interested in Alexander Fleming’s initial work on developing the life saving drug, penicillin. In 1939, Florey and his colleague, Ernst Chain, worked on Fleming’s discovery and purified the drug. In 1942 a small amount of the penicillin was tested on badly burned airmen with good results. Their discovery helped save thousands of lives during the Second World War. Florey was knighted in 1944 and appointed a life Peer in 1965. In 1945 he was awarded the Nobel Prize, together with Fleming and Chain.

The $50 paper banknote is printed with special letter prefix of “HF” (Howard Florey) in red and issued with a pane of 10 x $2.50 Howard Florey stamps. Both the note and pane of stamp are printed with matching serial numbers. Two versions were issued with premium red serial number as above and also with deluxe folder (black serial number). A total of 3,500 folders (including 1,000 with Red Serial Number) were issued, and this is portfolio number 322 of 3,500 produced. The initial issue price for the premium set was $145 per set and this note was released on 7.9.1995.


IndoHound said...

Any idea of realized auction price(s)?

me said...

Hi IndoHound

I can't help you on this as I have no idea. I do not believe it would be expensive as it was not popular when it was first issued. If you can find one for US$150 would be a good buy.

If you are looking for one, good luck.