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New Zealand - 2015-2016 Collectors Set (7th Series Polymer Banknotes Set)

Five Dollars
Ten Dollars
Twenty Dollars
Fifty Dollars
One Hundred Dollars
Front Cover
A full folder set of the New Zealand new Series 7 of banknotes (Brighter Money), first issued in 2015 ($5 and $10 only) and 2016 ($20, $50 and $100). This is the first upgrade or redesign of banknotes in New Zealand since May 1999 when Polymer notes were first introduced. Like all previous annual set issues, a total of 1000 sets were offered to collectors with serial numbers ranging from 000002 to 001001, all with matching serial numbers. Unfortunately, for this issue, not all prefixes are the same. The $5 and $10 both have the prefix of AA15 (as its first released in 2015) and the remaining 3 notes all have the prefix of AA16 (ND2016). The three notes of $20, $50 and $100 were introduced into circulation on 13.05.2016. These full sets of banknotes are sold as numismatic products to collectors at a premium. The central bank has released full sets of banknotes to collectors since 1999 but not on an annual basis. The last offer was in 2008 (none for 2005 and 2006). Of all the annual issues, the 2000 Millennium sets were the most popular. Unlike the previous issues, these new notes are all printed in Canada and it retains the Year Date prefix format. Whilst counterfeit of currency in New Zealand is very low, these upgrades are to keep ahead of technology advances since 1999. 

$5 - AA15 000098
$10 - AA15 000098
$20 - AA16 000098
$50 - AA16 000098
$100 - AA16 000098

Footnote: In general, and in many countries around the world, a total sets of 1000 are considered as low issue to share among collectors. In many countries, such low issue would have sold out within minutes of it's announcement. However the last two issues, 2007 and 2008 sets took few years before it was all sold out. Was it because there were nothing new to the designs or just lack of interest among collectors  Even to the locals, 1000 sets is not considered a lot to offer, especially we are talking about matching numbered sets. Will this new series be the same again, or perhaps this is no longer the case? Australia in the 90s did the same as well with similar quantity and it was not that popular, as some were re sold on secondary market lower that the official issued price. Time will tell if this has changed.

Early April 2016 - opened for sale
20.4.2016 - about 60% sold
26.4.2016 - all sold out
This is the first time since 1999 that New Zealand annual sets sold out in less than a month!! 

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